Shuffling Horror Series Pittsburgh 68


Cards! Dice! Terror!

Thrills and chills await in Pittsburgh 68, a card-n-dice game that plays like a creepy old zombie movie! One player is the Director and the rest star as Survivors trapped in an old farmhouse surrounded by the living dead! With each and every turn, a central dealt hand of cards reveals horrible events, and players do their best to stay one step ahead of the zombie shuffle.

Pittsburgh 68
Rule Book

Pittsburgh 68
Movie Deck





PLAYING TIME: 90 minutes.
# OF PLAYERS: 3 – 13 players.

A great game to introduce players to story-telling horror games. One player serves as the director (a narrator/dealer) who must be familiar with the rules of play and the movie deck card types. All other players take on the roles of the movie's cast and play as a team to defeat the flesh-eating ghouls!

A great game for game night and movie night! No prior experience is needed for the players, who can jump right in to the movie and start having fun.

This zombie flick plays different every time - you never know who will be the last one standing. As to be expected, some times there are no survivors...

Slow moving zombies rule!


Important Rules Note - Pittsburgh 68

Pittsburgh 68 is the first game in our Shuffling Horror line. Roswell 51, our second release, introduced a few new rules to enhance the earlier rule set. Key changes include the use of a Survivor Draw Pile and an tweak to Plot Device card use. The Roswell 51 box set also includes bonus cards for Pittsburgh 68 play, and the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board (a deluxe game board designed for use with all Shuffling Horror games). You can download a free pdf copy of the Roswell 51 rulebook here: The Roswell 51 Rulebook - Free Online PDF

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