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We love meeting friends and fans at gaming conventions - and we've been doing so since 1999. We plan to keep on con-hopping as long as we keep on plunking out our quirky little games.


If you know of a con that would dig our games, you gotta let us know. We're based in NJ, but we love travelling to weird new places and rolling bones with the folks who want to see our indie games in action.


Heck, we'll even come to your local game shop or brewery game night to run games if you ask nicely (and throw in a bag of bbq chips for the Dice Hog)... 

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MARCH 2023

March 23 - 26. Gary Con, Lake Geneva, WI.
No booth, we're just running a whole bunch of BOSS RPG games (the next big WEGS Old Skool Fantasy release). Kickstarting in 2023!

JUNE 2023

June 2 - 5. North Texas RPG Con, Dallas, TX.
First time hitting this con and playing BOSS RPG in Texas. Woot!


August 18 - 19. Monster Bash Movie Festival.
Join us for an amazing line-up of 1950s sci fi movies
at the fabulous Palace Theatre in Canton, OH.
Check out full details here Monster Bash Film Fest Canton OH, then get your tix!


Sept 30 - Oct 1: PGX - Pittsburgh Gaming Expo, Monroeville, PA.
We plan on returning for our second year! You can bet that we'll be playing Pittsburgh 68 there! Convention center is right next to the infamous Dawn of the Dead mall!


To be determined. Somebody invite us somewhere!

- END OF 2023 EVENTS -

---  2022  LIST  ---


Stay tuned or join our mail list (above) for breaking news!


The Final Mace - #ForJeff, Charlotte, NC.
Shuffling the horrors all con long! Full event schedule submitted.


Oct 1-2: PGX - Pittsburgh Gaming Expo, Monroeville, PA.
First time! We have a booth in the event center and will run games at night. Right next to the infamous Dawn of the Dead mall!


Sept 10. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Edison, NJ.
First time! One day of awesome fun and vending!

JULY 2022

Jul 28-30 WBC World Boardgaming Championships, Champion, PA.
Just a booth and will run pick-up games at night.

Jul 14-17: Phoenixcon, Appleton, WI. We have a booth and plenty of events on the schedule. Come join us for some shuffling horrors!

MARCH 2022

Mar 24-27: Gary Con, Lake Geneva, WI.
Woo hoo! First  time vending at Gary Con and we'll run games and secret demos at night, too.


Conventions and Shows TBD

If you're a show organizer, give us a ring. We love hitting new gamer gatherings! We'll bring our unique games to your fans, run spectacular games, do rambling design panels, offer photo ops with the one and only Dice Hog, and more!

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