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Shuffling Horrors!

If you love horror movies and storytelling games, Shuffling Horror is the card and dice game for you! Four terrifying flavors await!

Pittsburgh 68  |  Classic zombie horror.

Roswell 51  |  B-movie sci-fi invasion.

Innsmouth 32  |  Weird tale of terror.

Baltimore 94  |  A Haunted House of Poe (Fall 2022).

Shuffling Horror Awaits!

In this cinematic card-and-dice game, one player is the Director, who controls the flow of the movie and all of its monsters. All other players are survivors trying to make it to the final scene. As players are eliminated, they join the Director’s team as monster players out for the blood of those who remain!

Who will be standing when the film fades to black?

Game Info:

Playing Time, 90 minutes  |  3 – 13 Players  |  Ages 14+

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