Shuffling Horror Rules

Pittsburgh 68 Alert! Official Rules

Rules Update For P68 Play

Roswell 51, the second Shuffling Horror release, introduced new rules to enhance game play. These rules should be used for Pittsburgh 68 play. Key updates include the use of a Survivor Draw Pile and the "Director's Choice" tweak to Plot Device cards. The Roswell 51 box set includes bonus cards for Pittsburgh 68 play and the official Shuffling Horror game board (for use with all titles).


New Game, New Terrors!

Innsmouth 32, the third game in the Shuffling Horror line, introduces two new elements specific to the Lovecraftian genre: Insanity and Mythos. A Director is free to incorporate these into earlier titles (especially the Insanity tokens). As each new title in the line includes bonus cards for earlier releases, Innsmouth 32 includes Terror Cards for your Roswell 51 and Pittsburgh 68 games. Just shuffle these cards into your decks and amp up the terror in your movie!


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