Wicked Rules & Wild Dice Rolls!

What more do you need

in a game system?


Play WEGS!

Our wickedly errant game systems are built for full-throttle tabletop adventure. Inspired by classic pen and paper role-playing games, our game rules are built for over-the-top action and rip-roaring adventure.

WEGS mechanics assure that dice are elevated to their rightful place at the game table: the tumbling blocks of fate.

Odds-n-Gods, baby!


Short for Wickedly Errant Game System, WEGS breaks the rules of how dice are supposed to behave. Like the casino game craps, WEGS is all about dramatic swings of luck, unfettered speed-of-play, and epic dice rolls.

The first WEGS release was Old Skool Fantasy RPG, published in 2007. With brutally simple dice mechanics, WOSF dared players to push the heroic action to its breaking point. Four dice alone fuel its battle frenzy (2d6 and 2d10), and catapult the game action to the highest of highs or plunge it to the lowest of lows.

Dice lead the way with WEGS!

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