We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Hal...

The ZoFo system is in playtest mode and progressing nicely, but we’re not promising anything until playtest sessions conclude (and the BOSS RPG is published).

With inspiration drawn from post-apocalyptic dystopian themes (with an emphasis on 1970s sci fi flicks), this system elevates the dastardly d4 to the most powerful die on the table. A simple character sheet leads the players on their journey, encouraging them to forge the hero they need as the world devolves around them.

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WEGS is a Wickedly Errant Game System, a system fueled by imagination and dice. With WEGS, dice forge epic adventure as the game is played. There is no fudging dice rolls. There is no screen to hide behind.

Old Skool Fantasy RPG, our full-throttle sword-n-sorcery tabletop system, is the primogenitor of the WEGS family line. More systems are in the works (BOSS and ZOFO). Heck, even our Shuffling Horror line is a WEGS!

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