Wickedly Errant Adventure Awaits!

WEGS Old Skool was our first published game, but alas, is now out of print!  After a decade of play-testing and con-hopping, our sword-n-sorcery homebrew system was released at Gen Con 2007.  Old Skool enjoyed another decade of con-hopping and fan-building straight thru to the end of 2019.


During its time, Old Skool was called by many names: WEGS 101, WEGS Old Skool, WEGS Old Skool Fantasy, WOS, and WOSF.  Fans just call it WEGS.


Fear not, old skoolers!  WEGS Old Skool Fantasy will return in the near-ish future, but we are first releasing a basic version of the game, BOSS RPG. More details on our upcoming Basic Old Skool System is found here.

What is a WEGS???

WEGS is a Wickedly Errant Game System, a system fueled by imagination and dice. Old Skool Fantasy RPG, our full-throttle sword-n-sorcery tabletop system, is the primogenitor of our WEGS family line.

Old Skool Fantasy is a four dice system (2d6, 2d10). The rules embolden these dice to create heroic encounters and guide the story in a cinematic style. As many convention players can attest, Old Skool character creation is a breeze. The tabletop action that their heroes experience is unforgettable fun.

In 2018, we began working on the BOSS, our Basic Old Skool System. This is a streamlined Old Skool Fantasy ruleset that pays homage to the earliest days of dungeoncrawl adventure.

The first WEGS sci-fi system, ZoFo, is also on the horizon!

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