The Basic Old Skool System

Pick your hero.

Roll your stats.

Go to dungeon.

It's that simple.

Expect all the high-octane adventure of WEGS Old Skool Fantasy: Good Shots! Bad Shots! Wicked Success! Wicked Failures! We've stripped down the system in some areas, but added a whole bunch of new skills, spells, treasures, and of course, monsters!


UPDATE - A 2024 release is planned. The BOSS system is currently in playtest mode. Join our mail list to stay up-to-date with updates and Kickstarter launch info.


WEGS is a Wickedly Errant Game System, a system fueled by imagination and dice. Old Skool Fantasy RPG, a full-throttle sword-n-sorcery tabletop system, is the primogenitor of our WEGS family line.

In 2018, we began working on the BOSS, our Basic Old Skool System. This is a streamlined Old Skool Fantasy ruleset that pays homage to the earliest days of dungeoncrawl adventure. This boxed set will include the basic rulebook and starter dungeon module, The Caves of Utter Chaos. This release will be the reboot for our Old Skool Fantasy line.

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