Trove Roll: Ogma’s Majestic Hammer

February 3rd, 2016
Trove Roll, The WEGS Fray

FB-Trove-Roll-77The exciting conclusion to our Turdragon Special trove roll post from Thanksgiving Day 2015! Thanks to some wild dice rolls, the delvers uncovered one of the holy-rolling relics of the Wegswyrld. We left the details of this item as a bloggo cliffhanger (and then promptly forgot about delivering you the details). Whelp… here they are in all their magnificent glory!

Ogma’s Majestic Hammer
Charges: SPS charges per day.
Requisite Stat: Requires 88 Grace.
This hammer may be used in melee or thrown short range (RS x 2 squares). The Ark receives a +4 WS bonus for engaged strikes and a +8 RS bonus if thrown.

Charged Effects

Call Hammer (1 charge): If unobstructed, the hammer can be recalled to the hand of the thrower at the Spante.

Majestic Pain: (2 charges) a struck foe suffers (2d6 x SS) enchanted wounds (Mystic). SS=Spoint Strength. The number of spoints the user expends to fuel the charge (limited by the user’s SPS score).

Divine Radiance: (1 charge) The hammer can radiate mystic damage to all foes within 2 SQR of its impact point. All foes are struck for (d6 x d6) enchanted wounds. Those who the wielder considers allies are not affected by this damage.

The Hammer may inflict Divine Radiance on any unworthy soul who dares to touch it. It may do so four times a day.

Odds-n-Gods, Vol I
(It will definitely be published before Odds-n-Gods, Vol II.)


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