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Innsmouth 32 Kickstarter | Oct 31 – Nov 29, 2019


11/08/2019 | Backer Update #5

Innsmouth Dispatch #4 | Final Week, The Students, Another Unlocking!

Lots of news to share in this week’s dispatch!

Wow! Less than a week to go for our campaign and the momentum continues to build – thanks to everyone who joined this past week! It’s all over for us on Black Friday next week. Plenty of time to get more folks to join our Innsmouth Expedition before it ends – let’s keep spreading the word.

There’s a backer update coming on Monday covering our Diving For Deep Ones social media challenge; that contest continues to the end of the campaign. If you haven’t joined our social media pages yet, check out all the details in the prior update, found here. We still need a bunch more clicks to unlock that special monster!

Another Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Today we unlocked our fourth stretch goal (17k!) and another Deep One surfaced (see its mug shot below). Just like in Lovecraft’s original weird tale, as it comes to the story’s end, there are Deep Ones popping up everywhere… We continue our campaign in this same vein!


Lovecraft aficionados might be able to figure out the name of the next Deep One to appear – but, please, no spoilers here. Let’s get it unlocked first.

Meet The Cast | The Students of Old MU

This Miskatonic University trio has the misfortune to be on the bus hijacked by the bootleggers. Do you think they have what it takes to make it to the end of the movie?!? All three are shown in various rooms in the Gilman House hotel (the wallpaper in this joint has a geometric pattern, inspired a bit from another famous horror hotel). There’s some other fun nested in each pic; like the Athlete is entering is Room 428 (the same room mentioned in the Lovecraft’s tale).


It will be a busy and crazy week ahead, with Thanksgiving on Thursday here in the US, and then our campaign’s end on Black Friday! As noted, I will continue to update the Comments section with daily info and answers.

The excitement continues to build…

11/08/2019 | Backer Update #3

Innsmouth Dispatch #3 | 300 Backers and Beyond!

Thank you to everyone who has joined this campaign – we officially passed 300 backers earlier today! Wow! To quote that famous line from “300”, Frank Miller’s graphic novel and movie…

This Is Innsmouth!

There’s also enough of us now to hold the pass at Thermopylae versus the Deep Ones – probably? More good news… we are closing in our next stretch goal at 15k! And our campaign is but halfway done (ends on Black Friday).  We cannot stop the Deep Ones from rising at this point!


Meet The Cast | The Scholars

This trio of Miskatonic University scholars, along with a few MU students, are on the bus that is hijacked by the Gangsters. They might just be the ones who can save the day when there are no more bullets to be found… As you can see on each of their character cards, there is a Key icon which represents their mythos power. Each has had some exposure to Lovecraftian horrors and this will allow them to banish some of the monstrosities that await in Innsmouth.


Down The Rat Hole

David Chapman at The Rat Hole (a game review site) just gave our campaign a quick shout-out today.  A bit of the review: “That is part of why a game like Innsmouth 32 has so much to offer. The Shuffling Horror system exists to bring the most outrageous elements of cult classic cinema to the game table. Because the Cthulhu Mythos has been so rarely faithfully adapted on film, Innsmouth 32 has the chance to break new ground that feels like it’s not actually breaking new ground… One of the things I appreciate the most about Gamewick Games, as a company, is that they have never settled for what they have in front of them…”

Thank you, David! And, yes – with I32 we are making a sequel to a movie that was never made!

Let’s Get Social

One more backer update is coming at you this week and it’s a fun one! First off, there will be a meme. Ok?!? But more than that… we are going to play a little game with our social media pages, and there’s a chance for us to release a new monster or two into the game…

Stay tuned for details… and that meme…

Keep on shuffling!

Larry Wickman & GameWick Games

11/08/2019 | Backer Update #2

Innsmouth Dispatch #2 | Stretch Goals Unlocking!

Innsmouth 32 has been live for just a week now – and what a week we had! We funded on our first day (Halloween) and now have passed two stretch goals. Thank you to everyone who has jumped aboard our Innsmouth expedition!

Quick note: at the very bottom of this update, there are links to threads we have posted in several online forums. If you belong the Reddit, Boardgamegeek, RPGGeek, or, please check these links out and give them some likes. We are limited to a single post on most forums, and liking these will make them more prominent.

Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Here’s a glimpse at the unlocked goodies… Welcome to a new character card, The Hound, and a new monstrous Deep One. Both by our amazing artist, Jim Daly. Our funding campaign ends on Black Friday – still lots of time to unlock some more creepy stretch goals!

Meet The Cast | The Locals

“Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborho-od?” The Locals were pulled directly out of Lovecraft’s story (so, they may seem a bit familiar to some of you). Appropriately, this trio has the “fish bones” icon. Behind the Bus Driver you can spy the old Marsh Refinery, the Old Captain is reaching for his bottle, and, what, exactly, is that “Marsh 32” tonic the Shop Clerk is restocking? Watching over them all is the Night Clerk of the Gilman House (our bonus Lovecraft character); seems a bit like the bartender in The Shining, doesn’t he?


As noted above, if you are a member of any of these forums, give these links a like. Heck, drop a comment out there and let folks know that you are a backer. Let’s get the word out on Innsmouth 32!

BoardGameGeek :



Pax Unplugged | Dec. 6 – 8, 2019

GameWick Games has a booth at Pax Unplugged again. If you are attending, let’s get together and play some Shuffling Horror! You can find us at Booth #3602.

Keep on shuffling, folks!

Larry Wickman & GameWick Games

11/02/2019 | Backer Update #1

Innsmouth Dispatch #1 | Goal Hit On First Day!

Thank you! Reaching the goal on our first day is an amazing achievement – and we continue to climb. This is thanks to every one of you. Your immediate support of this project is greatly appreciated. For me, that first day was the best Halloween treat ever!

We now have the full month of November to keep plugging and unlocking stretch goals and backer exclusives. Our first bonus level is at 11k and we are closing in on that – again, thanks to YOU!

I plan on doing “official updates” (like this) once a week, and I will be responding/posting comments on the campaign page with daily frequency for those following closely. Key information will be recapped in these weeklies that come direct to you (I don’t want to inundate your inbox).

Thank you, again, for pledging and joining our new Innsmouth Expedition. As some of you know, the last two expeditions were lost… Not this time! Let’s go catch some Deep Ones!

Meet The Cast | The Bootleggers

I’ll include a little about our game’s cast of characters in each weekly. Here’s the first trio, our bootleggers. These guys are to blame for getting everyone trapped in Innsmouth. Sure, they look like they can handle what’s coming for them, but we’ve seen games where they end up cowering in a corner or making a last stand on the pier surrounded by Deep Ones. Bullets and brawn only get you so far in Innsmouth…


That Darn Shuffler!

Always causing trouble. He’s the one who cooked up the “Midnite Shuffler’s Fright Club Special”, the ultimate bundle pledge level offered. Folks have been asking how they join his “Fright Club” without that bundle (as they might already own one or two of the games bundled). We’re thinking this out, so stay tuned!


The Shuffler and friends are wrapping up another video and aiming to release it before the end of the campaign. We’ll let you know when it’s live!

Thanks again for your early support of Innsmouth 32!

Let’s keep shuffling!

Larry Wickman & GameWick Games

 10/31/2019 | Backer Update #0

Happy Halloween | A New Innsmouth Launch!

We set sail on one of the high holy days of horror – and at midnight.  The third time will be the charm, folks.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards our goal.



Innsmouth 32 – Second Launch | Backer Updates Archive

08/09/2019 | Backer Update #8

Final Devoured By Deep Ones – Again!

Greetings friends!

Hello friends, fans, and curious onlookers!

Well… we did not fund.  We missed our goal by $6k, and for those of you who are new to kickstarter, it is an all-or-nothing deal. No one’s pledge is charged.

On my side, yes, I’m disappointed we did not make the goal, but we ran this race right to the end, and that’s pretty exhilarating. As some of you know, this was the second attempt at funding. I am super encouraged that we doubled the number of backers and pledges this time. Also, the momentum of this campaign was always forward, not just in $$$, but in feedback, interest, and overall good vibes. So many folks are excited by what they see going on here; in addition, there’s the excitement of those who have actually played with us at conventions and have seen this game in action. And we had great feedback from those who reviewed the game, too. It was fantastic to see all this excitement culminate in this campaign.

Good things will come of this little speed bump. Innsmouth 32 will return and I’m hoping you will join once more. Details on this “final take” will be coming via the next backers only update. This little indie game company could not have gotten this far without Y.O.U.

Thank you for your support!

Dang deep ones!  We’ll get you next time…



08/06/2019 | Backer Update #7

Final Days!

We are closing in on the final days of Innsmouth 32; the campaign ends on Friday night at 10pm (EST). We have passed the 50% funded mark at this point, and continue to gain support. Remember, your pledge will NOT be charged if we do not hit our funding goal.

We have had such GREAT feedback from those who played with us at Gen Con, and also the reviewers who love our game (some stopped by our booth to chat). All this is in addition to our Shuffling Horror friends and fans who have played/playtested with us along our strange journey.  I thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support.

Let’s end this campaign on the strongest note possible! Innsmouth 32 is the best in the Shuffling Horror line; it is too good of a game not to publish!


08/04/2019 | Backer Update #6

Gen Con | New Backer Bonus Revealed | Midnite Shuffler Fright Club Pledge Level Announced

The final day of Gen Con is upon us! We have been shuffling the horror like mad these last four days and our tables have been packed with new players. It has been so much fun showing off the series and seeing folks enjoying the wild ride that Shuffling Horror delivers. Thanks to all those who have played in a game, stopped by our booth, and checked things out. Big, big thanks to those who have come aboard as Innsmouth 32 backers!

Two big announcements coming at you.

Big Announcement #1 | Final Backer Bonus Revealed!

Big Announcement #2 |  The Midnite Shuffler Wanted His Own Pledge Level! 

(He’s convinced he has some fans out there…)

Head on over to the campaign page and check out the full details!


08/01/2019 | Backer Update #5

Gen Con 2019 | Booth 1240 | Souvenir Postcard | Event Info and More!

Long post today; lots of news to share!

I’m at Gen Con gaming convention thru Sunday (8/4). If you are attending, GameWick Games is located at Booth 1240 (pretty much in the center of the exhibit hall as shown in map below). The GameWick Gang will be promoting this campaign every chance we get. I will be managing the online campaign activity in my free time, too!

If you are attending Gen Con, please stop by and say hello. If we have not met before, please make sure to let us know you are a backer. I’d love to meet and thank you! The booth crew is Sue and Cary.


Convention Pics | GameWick Games Facebook

I will be posting convention pics on the GameWick Games facebook page here: I will also share some pics with you on my next big backer update. However, many more will be posted on that facebook machine.

Souvenir Convention Postcard

We have a souvenir promotional postcard available at the booth which features a brand new layout by Ben Crenshaw (that’s the pic above). The back of the postcard features a cryptic bit of text from the original Lovecraft story. If you are here, be sure to swing by and pic one up. Pick up a few extras if you want to share them with players at the games you are playing.

And… if you are not here… I will see what I can do about getting one in the mail to you – my way of saying thanks for being a backer. Send me a private email to “wick at gamewick com” with your street address (do not reply or post this info to this update).  I can only mail to USA residents (however, when we fund, I will include one for each backer in the rewards shipment).

Shuffling Horror Events

Yesterday was booth set-up, then we finished the day with a gathering of our event team to run a game of Innsmouth 32 and a quick rules refresher. We have forty Shuffling Horror events on the Gen Con schedule, and all are sold out (well, there are three or four random seats avail in a few session). This is the best pre-registration we have ever had for our events.
You can see our full event list here:
What’s really very cool is that our events are taking place on the field of the Lucas Oil football stadium; so, I guess this technically now makes Shuffling Horror a stadium game!

Two Big Video Reviews Added

This week we had two new reviewers post preview videos with lots of enthusiasm for our Shuffling Horror games. Check out the Undead Viking and Esoteric Order of Gamers videos in our campaign Reviews section. Big thanks to Lance and Peter for their time reviewing and promoting our campaign.

Funding Recap

We are nearing the 50% funded mark of our Innsmouth 32 campaign – we’ve got a week to go, so there is lots of work to be done. As noted, Gen Con is one big promo event for us, and I will also continue to promote online during this time. It’s going to be a crazy weekend.

If you can post/share this campaign with your friends and fellow gamers, please do so. If you can comment on or just “thumbs up” any of our social media posts (Boardgamegeek, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), that’s a nice help, too! Just search for Innsmouth 32 / #Innsmouth32 on those platforms. One of the GameWick posts is sure to pop up.

If we all find one more person to pledge, we will catapult towards our goal. And that will encourage many more folks to join this campaign.

I am seeing this campaign through to the end! As many of you know, whichever way this goes, the backers who are on this campaign get priority updates and news on any future plans or kickstarters that we launch.

See you all on the other side of Gen Con!

Larry Wickman | GameWick Games


07/27/2019 | Backer Update #4

The Friday Frights | Meet The Groom

Greetings friends!

We have passed the 200 backer mark and are heading toward 50% funded!  Keep spreading the word and let’s keep this momentum going. 13 days to go! As with last Friday’s post, I want to keep this fun and give you behind-the-scenes info on Innsmouth 32. So, without further adieu…


[Note: Ok… this turned into a much longer post than I was expecting… Read on at the peril of your own time! But, it is some neat insider stuff I think…]

You’ve probably noticed this guy lurking in the shadows of our cover image.  He’s no bit player, in fact, he’s one of the creepiest guys briefly mentioned in H.P. Lovecraft’s original weird tale: ” . .and one, who led the way, was clad in a ghoulishly humped black coat and striped trousers, and had a man’s felt hat perched on the shapeless thing that answered for a head. . . .”  You can’t see it in the pic above, but he is indeed wearing striped pants.

There was something perfectly nightmarish about Lovecraft’s weird description: the felt hat, the striped pants, the word “perched” (is that a subtle fish joke perhaps)? I knew we had to have this guy in our game. The Groom actually appears three times; once on the rulebook cover, and then on two playing card illustrations. I won’t tell you which two, but he is easy to spot on one (PERCH-ed on a barrel), while on the other he is somewhat hidden. No spoilers in the comments, please!

Jim Daly (our illustrator) and I worked on the rulebook cover last, and we made sure The Groom was prominent. We gave him a ringleader role (which again weirdly ties in with his top hat and striped pants). Hiding in the shadows with an odd assortment of friends (Cousin Larry, a cultist, and, oh yeah, a shoggoth), the scene is set for the terror to begin…

I loved Jim’s cover depiction of The Groom, it is so creepy, and the whole scene shimmers with horror, it’s just fantastic. I was so inspired by the cover, that it led me to the creation of a new card type in the game, called The Terrors. These cards do exactly what their title indicates, and one of the reasons that Innsmouth 32 is, beyond a doubt, the most terrifying game in the series.

And it’s all because of a pair of striped trousers and a felt hat.

Thank you, Mr. Lovecraft.

07/23/2019 | Backer Update #3

Week 1 | Meet The Cast | Launch Party | Gen Con

Greetings Friends,

Lots of news to share with you, and away we go!

Week One Done

The first week of our campaign was a solid start. We are over 40% funded right now and almost 200 backers. I’ve been sharing the news all over the internet : facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, boardgamegeek, rpgnet, and other forums I belong to. If you are on any of those named sites, just search for “Innsmouth 32” or #Innsmouth32 and you will find my posts. Please give the post a like or, better yet, leave a comment/ask a question. That will help us to keep trending – and your comments might encourage others to join us in creepy Old Innsmouth!

Meet The Cast : The Gangsters

Here’s the first in a series I will be posting online. Each introduces a trio of characters that make up our Innsmouth 32 cast.  To start, we meet the Gangster and his crew. These three are the reason everybody ends up in Innsmouth (though the Bus Driver is blamed for making the wrong turn).



This pic will be posted on the GameWick Games facebook, twitter, and instagram feed on Weds afternoon. So, if you want to find it and share it, you know where to look!

Innsmouth 32 Launch Party Pics

On the night of our campaign launch, we held an “opening night” kickoff party at a local NJ joint with the North Jersey Geeks and Nerds game club. We had a blast shuffling the horror – and it was a BIG game (nine players total). A good mix of experienced players and new players. Yours truly ran the game.

I32-LaunchNight-(c)2019 GameWick

At game’s end, only two players remained alive, each with a single survivor: The Goon and The Art Student. The two fled to the sanctuary of the Ghost Schooner, with a Hip Flask, Harpoon, and Weird Dagger.  They made it through the night by the skin of their teeth. The sun began to rise on old Innsmouth Bay. The screen fades to black…

GEN CON 2019 | GameWick Games, Booth 1240

More detail coming in Friday’s post, but the GameWick gang will be at Gen Con next week (Aug 1 – 4), find us at Booth 1240. If you’re one of the Innsmouth crowd, I would love to meet you! Also, we have forty Shuffling Horror events on the schedule (but almost all sold out weeks ago); there are often folks who don’t show up, so we do accept generics. More details coming!

A solid and fun start to our Innsmouth 32 campaign. Let’s keep building the excitment!

Keep on shuffling!

07/19/2019 | Backer Update #2

The Friday Frights | Meet Lawrence

We have had a strong three day start on our Innsmouth 32 kick-off. Let’s keep the fun and excitement going across our first weekend. If you have a chance, please share our little link (below) with your friends and gaming groups this weekend. If each of us got just one more friend to get on board, this campaign would catapult toward its end goal! Here’s our campaign’s short link to share :

Introducting the Friday Frights

So, here’s the first in the Friday Frights series I will post on Fridays to stir up some fun as we sail into the weekend. Meet Lawrence…

reboot lawrence ad

The caption to accompany this pic on my facebook/twitter posts is: “Lawrence heard there was a new Lovecraft-inspired board game on kickstarter this week. He thought it would be just another Lovecraftian game and didn’t check it out. Lawrence was wrong. Don’t be like Lawrence…”

Meet Lawrence

But who is this Lawrence? And what does he have to do with our story anyways?!?

In Lovecraft’s original weird tale, there is a mention of Cousin Lawrence, who is in the “permanent seclusion of a sanitarium at Canton”. There is, of course, more to his sad story, but I don’t want to give away the ending of Lovecraft’s story… Suffice it to say, he’s come back home to Innsmouth.


07/15/2019 | Backer Update #1

High Noon In Innsmouth | Launch Time Announced

The official start time for the Innsmouth 32 kickstarter is set for 12 pm EST on July 16th, 2019. Don’t miss your opportunity to be one of the first backers. The big news is that we have added a First Day Backer pledge, which includes a discounted price for pledges within the first 24 hours. We wanted to make sure we had a special reward opportunity for all who backed us the first time. The Early Bird pledge level returns, too, but is limited to the first 32 backers who are lucky enough to grab it!


Official Kickstarter Launch Date | July 16, 2019

The official date of our INNSMOUTH 32 kickstarter reboot is July 16. This date is a bit apropos, as it is mentioned in Lovecraft’s original weird tale:

“It was I who fled frantically out of Innsmouth in the early morning hours of July 16, 1927, and whose frightened appeals for government inquiry and action brought on the whole reported episode. I was willing enough to stay mute while the affair was fresh and uncertain; but now that it is an old story, with public interest and curiosity gone, I have an odd craving to whisper about those few frightful hours in that ill-rumoured and evilly shadowed seaport of death …”

See you all in Innsmouth!