Shuffling Horror

Don’t Just Play A Game… Play A Movie!

Shuffling Horror is a fast-paced card and dice game that delivers thrills and chills in a retro cinematic style. It is a great board game for fans of horror movies, b-movies, and all who love reading classic tales of horror.

One player takes command as the Director and controls the monstrous forces; all other players star as the survivors who endeavor to make it to the end of the film and save the world! Card by card the game confronts the players with plot twists, horrid events, and a horde of ghastly monsters.

Just who will be standing as the film fades to black?


A Quartet of Horror!

A quartet of Shuffling Horror titles is ultimately planned, each focusing on a unique aspect and origin of American horror. The first game released in our Shuffling Horror series is Pittsburgh 68, an homage to cult zombie flicks. The title is a reference to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, which was filmed in Pittsburgh in 1968 (the time and place where modern American zombie horror was born).

Roswell 51 is the second “movie” in our series and it captures the craze of the 1950s sci-fi invasion flicks. While the historic Roswell UFO Incident occurred in 1947, the great flood of outer space invasion movies pervaded the fifties. This game features the craziest mash-up of space invaders ever to hit the silver screen! The Roswell 51 game box includes the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board, the official game board for Shuffling Horror play.

The final two Shuffling Horror releases will be Innsmouth 32 and Baltimore 94. Innsmouth recounts the weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft, while Baltimore features a creepy mash-up of Edgar Allan Poe stories.

What folks are saying about Shuffling Horror

“A rare gem. Game play is fast and fun.”     “Great intro game. Great advanced game.”

“Amazed by the amount of game play packed into a single deck of cards.”

“More than enough thrills to keep you playing the game over and over.”

“An intriguing game… Ideal for film-lovers.”     “Great… Tense… Ridiculous!”