Last Call! The Shuffling Horror Kickstarter

January 9th, 2016
GameWick News, Kickstarter

This is the last Call from Cthulhu.

No… Really… Only a few days to go! Don’t miss out!

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And here are two recent reviews we’re pretty proud of:

Tom Tiernan, The Board Game Clinic: “While other games simply mimic the film or television series they are based on, Gamewick Games go beyond simple imitation. <The Shuffling Horror> game creates a sense of you being a part of the experience itself. You get the feeling that Larry <the game designer> knows these films so well that he can take you into the film to relive it, time and time again.”

Amelia Laughlan , Another Dungeon: “The development of the Shuffle Board seems to be a response to playtesting feedback and GameWick Games’ innovation in seizing the opportunity to improve their game while simultaneously getting the word out about future titles, plus their dedication to their theme all has me deeply impressed.”

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