The Shuffling Horror Reviews


“Great games oozing with theme and flavor!”

“A rare gem. Game play is fast and fun.”

“Great intro game. Great advanced game. Creative concept.”

“Amazed by the amount of game play packed into a single deck of cards.”

“More than enough thrills to keep you playing the game over and over.”

“An intriguing game… Ideal for film-lovers.”

“Great… Tense… Ridiculous!”


Sue Granquist, Goth Chick News (2019)

A Shuffling Horror Review

A great review by an instant fan! If you are new to what Shuffling Horror is and isn’t, read this! And, no, this was not a paid game reviewer! Goth Chick News and its parent blog Black Gate Magazine rock!

Jeff Provine, BlogCritics (2019)

Shuffling Horror – Roswell 51 Review

Jeff Provine reveals the B-movie fun that awaits in Roswell 51!

“There are nods to the thrilling sci-fi movies of the ‘50s all through Roswell 51, both in its colorful art and in-game. Even the cover for the instruction manual is loaded with fake news stories discussing missing cattle, baffled botanists, and theremin music playing in the desert. Simply flipping through the box will set the mood for players.”

“Engagement grows as the story develops, leading to shrieks of laughter or pain as the dice roll to show how the scenes unfold.”

“The more invested the players are, the longer the game will be, which is a win for everyone.”

Ron McClung and the Gamer’s Codex Review (2019)

Roswell 51 Review by Ron McClung

Ron McClung, one of the folks who runs MACE gaming conventions in North Carolina, gives a full review of Roswell 51 and rates is 18/20. Here are some highlights:

“The board is brilliantly designed to appear like a drive-in theater from the view of a car.  As it turns out, it is less of a boardgame board and more of a advanced playing mat for the game.”

“A very interesting and fun game with lots of back and forth between each player and the director…   I would imagine with a full compliment of players, this game might take longer but it still could be amazingly fun. There is a lot that goes on in the game, every game is different.  This gives it a lot of replay-ability value.”

The Rat Hole Game Review Site (2018)

Roswell 51 Review by David Chapman

In his review, David zones in on what makes Shuffling Horror shine:

“Just like a GM, the Director is one part player, one part guide, one part rules guru, and one part storyteller. Unlike an RPG, you can easily play this game straight, with the Survivors and Monsters just a collection of opposing stats, augmented with dice rolls. If you do that, the game is still fun. But when all the players, Survivors and Director, work together to tell a story; that’s when the game truly starts to shine.”

BoardGameGeek Forum Review (2018)

Make A Low Budget Movie, Review by Alan Clift

“Roswell 51 is a good game with its action-based card-n-dice play that is set in a retro alien invasion theme. It becomes a very good game when players get into character, adding embellishments to the action scenes that the game creates.”

“The game has rich fight/flight mechanics. The use of scarce resources, called survivor points, modify dice rolls providing strategic choices. These should be used sparingly as your life depends on it!”

“Game play allows for the players to embellish the plot, like actors with creative reign over their characters. This really brings the game to life!”

Tabletop Kickstarter Spotlight: Deeply Impressed

Another Dungeon, Review by Amelia Laughlan

“The development of the Shuffle Board seems to be a response to playtesting feedback and GameWick Games’ innovation in seizing the opportunity to improve their game while simultaneously getting the word out about future titles, plus their dedication to their theme all has me deeply impressed.”

Shuffling Horror: Beyond Simple Imitation

The Board Game Clinic, Review by Tom Tiernan

“While other games simply mimic the film or television series they are based on, Gamewick Games go beyond simple imitation. Whether it’s Pittsburgh 68 or Roswell 51, the <Shuffling Horror> game creates a sense of you being a part of the experience itself.”

“You get the feeling that Larry (the creator of the game) knows these films so well that he can take you into the film to relive it, time and time again. The great storytellers can do this, and Gamewick Games has done it for games.”

Board Game Quest, Review by Tyler Nichols (2016)

Pittsburgh 68 Review: “Easy”, “Enjoyable”, “Refreshing”

“Very easy to teach to new players. A great job with interweaving the theme and story…”

“Pittsburgh 68 keeps the game play for both the survivors and the zombie master enjoyable.”

“(As) the reels get longer, the game becomes much more difficult to survive.”

“Refreshing that even though the zombies on the cards are clearly the walking dead, they are not so grotesque that it’s distracting.”

“A few changes away from being great.”

The Gamer’s Codex, Review by Ron McClung

Pittsburgh 68: A Rare Gem

“The myriad of zombie games is almost exhausting and it is hard to find one that stands out these days.  Pittsburgh 68 turned out to be a rare gem, with subtle complexity and creative depth that made it quite a fun game.”

“A fun game to play.  It has enough complexities to keep your attention, without being overly complex. The overall game is more about telling the story of this movie and how well the survivors in fact survive.  There isn’t really a winner in the end as much as the end of a story. The fun in the game is not who wins but the story you create together.”

The Gaming Gang, Review by Elliot Miller

Meet Your Fate On Route 68

“I’m just amazed with the amount of gameplay that is packed into a single deck of cards. It’s like replaying a zombie movie over and over with different survivors each time.”

“Pros: Inexpensive zombie card game full of theme and fun gameplay. There is no player elimination, and the game can handle up to 13 players. The game plays well regardless of the number of players, and takes about the same amount of time. The only problem was fitting the larger groups around the table.”, Review by Jeff Provine

Pittsburgh 68: An Intriguing Game

“Despite the surge of zombie-themed games out there, none takes an approach to the genre quite like Pittsburgh 68… Rather than a typical two-sided strategy match of survival in the apocalypse, Pittsburgh 68 takes a more thematic approach.”

“The art is shadowy, conjuring fond memories of Night of the Living Dead and the onslaught of low-budget 1970s zombie films.”

“Ideal for film-lovers and those who want a great deal of story to play out in their games.”

DexCon Playtests, A Review by Tom Tiernan (July 2015)

Roswell 51 and Shuffle Board Prototypes

“Roswell 51 is another winner from GameWick Games.

“Dive head first into a 1950’s B movie… All of the craziness from those great flicks are here, from Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Plan 9 from Outer Space.

“More than enough thrills to keep you playing this game over and over.”

“Both Pittsburgh 68 and Roswell 51 work brilliantly. The <Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board> is an excellent compliment to Shuffling Horror, and I personally couldn’t see myself playing these games without it.”

Zombie Sunday Review, by S.W. Sondheimer

Pittsburgh 68: A Not So Traditional Review (contains some adult language)

“Made a hopeless case into a gamer.”

“Great intro game, great advanced game, creative concept, traditional elements, not so traditional ones.”

“Four and a half out of five severed heads for Pittsburgh 68.”

The Gameopolis Podcast (June 2013)

Episode 27 – Pittsburgh 68

Jeff and Mark, the guys over at Gameopolis podcast, have a special bonus segment on Gamewick Games zombie-themed semi-cooperative card game, Pittsburgh 68. Jeff describes the things he loves about this old-style zombie movie experience. Check out their Episode 27! (The review starts at segment 1:11:25.)

Zach Snell, The Married Gamers Blog

A Pax East 2013 Recap & Review

“..Great… Tense… Ridiculous… as my bat-toting athlete sprinted away from the last of the horde (only to be cut down in the final moments of the game). Covering three to thirteen players, Pittsburgh 68 is probably the most accommodating board game I’ve played, and it’s fun to boot. Go get it!”

John Belden, The Greenfield Reporter

Fun-and-Games Review

“Welcome to a world of horror, circa 1968, where the B-movie stars you! Cards represent players and actions, and there are dice and tokens involved, so it’s a little complex, but once you get into gameplay it’s quite fun.”

Rob Owen, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Tuned In Review

“For fans of The Walking Dead, theres a new board game that isnt any sort of official tie-in to the TV show but it is zombie-themed — and Pittsburgh-themed for good measure.”

Mike Williams, Bring Your A Game

An Interview with GameWick Games

A behind-the-scenes interview with the game creator!

Meg O’Malley, Popular Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Zombies

Why Pittsburgh? Why Zombies? This article lays out the Pittsburgh Zombie connection and mentions our creepy little zombie game!