Roswell 51-Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked!

July 2nd, 2016
GameWick News, Kickstarter

Greetings Roswellians!

It is not quite a week since we started our journey together and, thanks to each and every backer contribution, we have reached our first stretch goal: a dice upgrade! This was an important one for us to hit early on, as this is a game component that must be assembled and shipped to our production facility in Indiana. The dice will be ordered from Koplow Games (the Nice Dice People), based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Roswell 51 was originally slated to include four standard white dice. Thanks to you, we will now be including a pair of 16mm white dice and a pair of 16mm black dice. That 16mm size is perfect for our retro black-and-white movie theme. The dice will be packed in a  3 x 5 inch zip bag, handy for holding the game’s tokens.

Your pledges have made a difference right down to the dice!


>> Here’s the link to the Roswell 51 Kickstarter <<BAN-HP-ROSWELL51+KS

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