P68 ZWS: What’s The Score?!?

July 11th, 2013
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For those who haven’t been following along, and/or just found out about Pittsburgh 68 at a recent game convention this summer, let’s bring you up to speed on theĀ  Pittsburgh 68 Zombie World Series!

The P68 ZWS is a series of 68 games spread out across four quarters of 17 games each. As you can guess, it’s Survivors versus Zombies, and each victory gains the winning team one point. Helping us run and track all these games is an awesome throng of Zombie Masters from a bunch of different states. Series games have been played in IN, MA, NJ, NY, PA, OH, and VA.

The first quarter began in October (2012) and the Survivors took that series by a single game. In the second quarter, the Survivors led by a single game again, giving them a two game lead. Then, over Memorial Day Weekend, we held a mini-series where each of our Zombie Masters ran a game and reported back the results. The team with the most victories was awarded a 3 point bonus lead. Unfortunately for the zombies, the Survivors won and established a five game lead!

This brings us to the current quarter…

The third quarter was timed with the start of the summer game convention season: it began at Origins Game Fair (June) and has continued through to Dexcon in Morristown NJ. Between these two cons, fourteen games for this quarter have been played. More bad news for zombie fans… as of right now the zombies trail seven games behind! There’s no doubt that the Survivors are in full zombie annihilation mode!


Or maybe this lead is just what the Survivors need to give them that false sense of security…

We shall see!

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