Gary Con: Old Skool at Black Blade Publishing Booth

March 25th, 2015
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Once again the awesome dudes at Black Blade Publishing will have our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy line for sale at Gary Con. We’ve even got a couple of show specials for you (listed at bottom).

(For our full WEGS Old Skool Fantasy event listing at Gary Con, click here.)


WEGS Old Skool Fantasy RPG – $20Store_Book_WEGS Old Skool Cover III
Intro to the Wickedly Errant Game System and its sword/sorcery setting.
Four dice fuel the game (2d6 and 2d10) and the rules are designed for full throttle sword-n-sorcery exploits.
Fun rules. Wild dice rolls. Quick character generation. Wicked adventure!

Old Skool Skill Deck – $12
All the Old Skool skills and spells in deck form.
Just deal them out to each character and play!

The Ultimate Dungeon Party Deck – $12Store_Book_Dice Rule! Cover
Six advanced character classes (just like the AD&D Players Handbook, but in deck form).
New classes are Dungeoneer, Templar, Glaivemaiden, Sneak, Warlock, and Monk.

Dice Rule – Advanced WEGS Rulebook – $15
Guide for folks who want to take the WEGS system to the next level.
Great for DMs and players who love to make/break systems!



The WEGS Beginner’s Bundle – $25
WEGS Old Skool Fantasy RPG + Old Skool Skill Deck

The WEGS Advanced Bundle – $49
Beginner’s Bundle (above) + Ultimate Dungeon Party Deck + Dice Rule Book.
All four products for your advanced WEGS-ing pleasure!

And… If you like zombie movies, Black Blade Publishing
will have a few copies of our creepy zombie card game, too!

Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68 – $25
The Time: 1968. The Place: Pittsburgh. The Problem: Zombies!
A cinematic card-n-dice game system where the GM controls the plot (and zombies) in a creepy, classic zombie movie style.

Check out all the great games at the Black Blade Publishing Booth!

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