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WEGS Trove Rolling | 2019+2020

By the bright beard of Ogma, it’s the year-end rolling of the trove! We’re doing twelve rolls on the fabled TABLE I: TROVE PILE GENERATION…

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Website Woes!

Please excuse our appearances here… We are in the process of updating our website! The server we were on was being retired, and our service…

Shuffling Horrors!

Innsmouth 32 | Meet The Cast #4 | The Students

This Miskatonic University trio has the misfortune to be on the bus hijacked by the bootleggers. Do you think they have what it takes to…

Compleat Strategist NYC and Beyond!

November 8th, 2010
FLGS Spotlight, News, WEGS Old Skool

Old Skool now available via The Compleat Strategist locations and online via Indie Press Revolution!


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Buy WEGS at a Store!

October 6th, 2007
FLGS Spotlight, News, WEGS Old Skool

WEGS is officially in stores! Well… one store.


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