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WEGS Trove Rolling | 2019+2020

By the bright beard of Ogma, it’s the year-end rolling of the trove! We’re doing twelve rolls on the fabled TABLE I: TROVE PILE GENERATION…

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Please excuse our appearances here… We are in the process of updating our website! The server we were on was being retired, and our service…

Shuffling Horrors!

Innsmouth 32 | Meet The Cast #4 | The Students

This Miskatonic University trio has the misfortune to be on the bus hijacked by the bootleggers. Do you think they have what it takes to…

WEGS Old Skool-Basic Character Creation

February 21st, 2019

Are you ready to dungeon crawl?!? For those of you signed up for a WEGS Old Skool Fantasy game at Gary Con (or for those of you who just want to know more about this WEGS stuff), here’s the No Roll Hero PDF. It’s a quick overview of WEGS character creation and introduces some basic rules of play, too. For those familiar with the system, you’ll notice the No Roll character sheet is a stripped-down version of our classic character sheet. While designed for intro play, it also includes a new mechanic called the Heroic Edge (some of you might call this a “saving throw”). You will want to check those rules out as they might save you a Phew point or two someday…

The guide also introduces you to Gorgax The Barbarian,
illustrated in the classic old skool stylings of Brian “Glad” Thomas.


Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.

BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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Shuffling to WittCon 2019

February 13th, 2019

PIC-SQR-WOSF-BOSSIt’s been a few years since I last visited Wittenberg University RPG Guild for their annual WITTCON gaming convention, but, when I got the call to attend as this year’s panel guest, I did not hesitate to commit! Now in its sixteenth year, this one-day con starts in the early morning and dice don’t stop rolling until midnite. In addition to the panel, I’m sneaking in a few playtests on Innsmouth 32 and topping it all off with an epic WEGS Old Skool RPG session.

Lots of great board, card, and rpg games are on the schedule, check it out: the full WittCon XVI info page. Below are the events I’m hosting.

Larry “El Willy” Wickman

May’s Eve, 1932. On-the-lam bootleggers hijack a tour bus with Miskatonic Univ students and scholars on board. A fateful wrong turn brings them all to the shunned seaside village of Innsmouth… A night of mind-bending horror awaits!

Why do some games capture our attention, while others fall flat? How do some games manage to get a task like rolling dice or moving a pawn feel like so much more? Game designer and publisher Larry Wickman (WEGS Old Skool, Shuffling Horror) takes on just those questions in our panel, discussing how he manages to turn the roll of a die into an experience no player will ever forget.

You’ve heard of the Caves of Chaos, perhaps? Well, these are the caves below those caves that nobody dares enter. We start by rolling up characters and then enter a dungeon brimming with terrible foes, nasty traps, and treasure galore. Full-throttle dungeon fun awaits with the BOSS (Basic Old Skool System). Rules taught. No XP required. Don’t forget those iron spikes and stirge repellant!


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Dice Hog Day: 2019 Results!

February 10th, 2019

The results are in, but we’ve got a cocked dice situation on our hands (which is to be expected as we’re rolling on some pretty rough terrain)! We either rolled two 4s or two 5s, which gives us a result of either 8 or 10. As per the official Dice Hog Day Rules, the diced result is multiplied by two and that is the number of days left to winter. So, we have between 16 and 20 days of winter ahead of us here at the GameWick NJ HQ!


The Dice Hog is heading back into his nest for the remainder

of his winter nap.  He’ll see you all in the spring!

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International Dice Hog Day 2019

February 3rd, 2019

With last week’s polar vortex in the rearview mirror, the Dice Hog stirred from his long winter’s nap and headed outside. In his paws he clutched a large pair of yellow dice (picked because they match his eyes (and also because these should be REALLY easy to find in the yard)). He even brought along his feline friend, Tuxapawme, to keep on the lookout for groundhogs. Those groundhogs will do anything to thwart International Dice Hog Day as it continues to build and overshadow their Feb 2 shenanigans!



On Feb 3, the day after those other hogs get it wrong, the Dice Hog appears and rolls a pair of dice into the wild. He then immediately goes back into his hide-out. A week later, he re-emerges to find them and follows these rules:

1. Dice must stay where they land for seven days, untouched.

2. On the seventh day (Feb. 10), go out and find those dice. If there is no snow or ice touching them, multiply their result by two. That’s how many days of winter remain. This countdown only begins if the dice have no snow/ice on them (nobody likes cold dice)! More snow may fall, but that doesn’t stop the countdown once it starts.

3. Two special rules apply to the rolled result (it wouldn’t be very GameWicky if we didn’t have some “hot numbers”):

Snake Eyes (1,1) – Winter is officially over and you can put the snow shovels away immediately.

Boxcars (6, 6) – Uh Oh! There’s probably more snow coming. Bring dice back inside and wait for next storm. Then repeat process as if it is Feb 3 all over again.

Stay tuned for this year’s results!

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